Beauty school may come easy to you because you are passionate about learning all things beauty. You will be expected to learn theory and best practices from the in-class lecture of your cosmetology instructors, read your cosmetology textbooks, and study the things you learn in class.

Most certainly not! It is never too late for a mid-life career change to switch to cosmetology, esthetics or another beauty-related field. If you have a passion for beauty and you know it is time for a change, then a cosmetology career may be for you. In fact, many of your existing skills might even be well-suited to use in your cosmetology career.

You are absolutely not “too old” for cosmetology school, at any age. In fact, we find that nearly 75% of our applicants are not fresh out of high school. Many of us decide on cosmetology after trying a career that wasnt right for us, or after taking time away from the working world to raise a family. If your passion is beauty, cosmetology or esthetics, then there is no time like the present to enroll in cosmetology school and begin a new career in beauty.

We will offer you and your fellow beauty school graduates career services to help find employment opportunities. While we cannot guarantee job placement, our school maintains impressive placement rates thanks to our high educational standards and the talented students we attract.

Submerge into the World of Beauty

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